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Inch by inch

Today I:

Visited the kiddo's counselor and got some perspective on how I've been relating to the kiddo and ways to improve.
Packed a care package.
Walked the dog only down to the corner. Looked at the sore on his foot.
Searched email for information needed by the person who took over my former volunteer position, and forwarded it along.
Delivered the care package to the collection point (same volunteer person).
Took the kids to a park after school; they chose to divide their time between exploring the little brook there and playing with another family's dog.
Cobbled together dinner from leftovers.
Put the garbage and the recycling out.
Set up the holiday laser light projector in the front yard.
Left all the dirty dishes in the kitchen sink.
Stayed up more than an hour past when I needed to, browsing crochet patterns and yarn.

Very grateful that there was no fighting or arguing today until just at bedtime.

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