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A day.

Good: I attended my women's church group meeting and made an artsycraft (painted mug).
Good: I bought groceries to enable me to cook dinner.
Bad: I didn't walk the dog.
Good: I was able to defuse tense situations between my young yahoos after school. Nobody got hurt. No property was destroyed.
Bad: I didn't find time for a shower.
Good: I cooked the dinner.
Bad: The kids wouldn't touch my bison & mushroom taco filling.
Good: They did eat other non-junk food.
Bad: I accidentally dripped water on and damaged the book my eldest has been creating over the past couple days, so now I'm obliged to try to fix it.
Good: I washed all the dishes and composed and sent the mass email I needed to send.
Bad: I stayed up til 2 AM browsing the Internet in between dishes and email, because I couldn't stay focused on task.

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