December 9th, 2018


Parenting on a Sunday

Today, Sunday, I:

Finalized a Christmas trivia quiz to try to keep the kids — all the kids — occupied while offstage at Christmas pageant rehearsal.
Sourced and printed some Christmas coloring pages for the same purpose.
Fed the kids breakfast with no bickering.
Got the kids dressed and at church only a couple of minutes late.
Reinstated an incentive scheme for good behavior at church that allowed me to keep my emotional balance when #2 decided to use crayon on my boot and spend half the time lying down on the kneeler.
Walked the dog. Brought the trash & recycling bins in from the curb.
Experimented with a new way to season chicken breasts (marinated in pickle juice). The kids didn't like it, but at least now I know.
Got us through Christmas pageant rehearsal in relatively good spirits. Chocolate may have helped. Coached #2 through a little stage fright. Helped monitor the kids in the "waiting" room offstage... green room?
Made a fairly quick stop at the supermarket to pick up sushi for dinner for #1 and strawberries for #2. Cooked ramen at home for #2.
Got the dog to eat all his meds and all his dinner.
Got the screen time limits on the Kindle to kick in on schedule at bedtime.
Changed a bedsheet stained from a nosebleed last night.
Held my peace and minimized fighting when #2 decided to attack #1 and me and roll around naked instead of getting ready for bed.
Read a story and poems to kids for half an hour.
(Barely) stayed awake in the darkened room for another half hour.
Washed the saucepan and skillet, programmed the dishwasher, started the bloodstained bedsheet in the washing machine.
Browsed the web for a little while.
Typed this post.

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